Since 2014 we are releasing electronic and modern pop music. Whether if it‘s melodic house, deep house, future bass or indie electronic – at the end of the day it‘s always the music, that counts.


Catchfire Records is run by three masterminds: Mark Tarmonea (producer, DJ, singer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter), Sebastian Philipp (managing director, label manager) and Flavio Redlich (A&R manager, marketing manager). Our heart beats for commercial dance music as well as for emotional electronic pop songs.


So far we had great success with tracks such as Palmtree by our artist Mandelbarth, that reached over 8 million spotify plays – including all remixes.


Mark Tarmonea
DJ, producer, singer, composer


Sebastian Philipp
managing director, label manager


Flavio Redlich
A&R manager, marketing manager


We have an experienced in-house producer team combined with a major label powered sale platform (Distribution deal with Sony Germany), that gives us many possibilities, to place tracks very efficiently in the GSA territory: Spotify Sony playlists, exclusive Spotify listening sessions, iTunes home page placement, iMusic recommendations, professional DJ Promo, Radio- & Blog-Promo and many more.


We are open for different collaborations with labels (licencing), artists, producers and radio- & online-promoters. These are our business offers:

Licencing deals
We offer our tracks for other territories (e.g. our top single „Palmtree“ – over 8 million spotify plays including all remixes) and we licence tracks for GSA territory from other labels and record companies, who share the same passion for electronic dance music.


Online- & radio promoters
We are always open for competent promoters, who can put our tracks into the spotlight.


Producing deals
We want to increase our creative output and work together with innovative and dedicated producers, who share the same vision. We like to collaborate with ghostproducers and label producers to expand our portfolio and to give third-party tracks a broader audience.


Vocal deals
We can provide different singers for labels or producers, that fit perfectly for the particular tune.


Artist contracts
We support new talents with many features such as blog-, radio-, and DJ-promo, professional producing, online marketing, mixing and production coaching. And we can place them into the GSA territory with major label powered sales platform (Distribution deal with Sony Germany).